Inspired Art - About the Artist Fiona Channon

Inspirational Art - About Fiona Channon

Having spent some time living abroad, Fiona now lives in England with her husband and two children. Her interest in the spiritual realms have greatly influenced her work and in fact have shaped it and led her to where she is now.

Having realised the benefits of what she does, Fiona is now teaching others how to access their inner selves and this is proving valuable and popular with many people. The stresses of life are great and she offers people a way of slowing it down so that they can regain a sense of themselves that may have been lost.

How the art is done

Fiona will go into her studio and light a candle and some incense to show her intent to create in her space. She will then prepare her paper by wetting it and will then sit and meditate until she feels calm. Intuitively the colours are picked and dropped onto the paper.

When it is dry Fiona will sit with each piece in meditation, turning the paper round several times before she feels it is the right way up. She will then wait until she sees something in it and then bring this out using pastels and pencils. This can be instant but sometimes she will wait for months before she can see what is in the painting.