Intuitive Drawings

What is it?

You could call this a reading really. It is when I sit and meditate for you (you don't need to be present) and ask for a picture to show what you need to see. This can manifest in a symbolic way and I usually get messages or feelings about what the picture means. To have this knowledge can help to speed up the healing process and enable you to look at whatever it is that is blocking you, or give you guidance.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that sometimes this form of healing can release issues which may cause discomfort for a while. If this is the case, I recommend that this is followed up by professional counselling to help resolve it. These drawings are not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

How long does it take?

It takes me about half an hour to do a drawing, though if you were with me I would then take time to talk to you about the meaning of the drawing - which could be another half an hour.

The price of an Intuitive Drawing is £40.

What people say about Fi's drawings:

I was so moved and amazed by Fi's drawing and her reading. She totally captured all the thoughts and feelings that hold me back, and has clarified for me, the way forward. Her accurate assessment of all that is going on for me is helping me to find peace within and greater joy in my daily life, and to trust my intuition.
Thanks Fi. Love C. Rao, England

I was very fortunate to receive my beautiful drawing for free following a FB offer Fiona had announced on her FB page. I first received a sneek preview of her drawing for me in my email and I have to say I was rather impressed with what I saw. Then came the description of how Fiona interprets what she has drawn. When I first read the interpretation I was finding all different meanings from it and all made sense to me, however after receiving the actual picture in the mail and having looked at it every day for 10 mins I now actually feel I have found what the interpretation for me from this picture is. Well I have wittled it down to two but in fact they are both relevant and meaningful in a big part of my life and either way this picture has stirred up emotions inside me and has started a much needed healing process. Maybe after more days of enjoying and siitting down and meditating in front of my picture it will become clearer. I would recommend anyone to have a picture drawn by Fiona they really are unique, very beautiful and healing.
H.Sheriff, Australia

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to think of me and connect me to my current true state of being through the presentation of a remarkable picture. The process has given me a unique opportunity to gain much needed clarity at this stage of my life. When looking at my drawing, it has a profound effect on me and it feels as though I am outside of myself looking over her and I can see vividly that she is very special to me and deserves my best care and attention. This experience has been incredibly helpful to me and has revealed signs that I had not seen previously, as well as illuminating areas which I know I have been aware of but now realise I have chosen not to bring into full view for some time. I now have information, guidance and direction to help me address these factors.
With love and much appreciation, J. Riley

Fi, very kindly, offered to do me a drawing to reflect my situation at that time. WOW! it was so accurate, and with her further interpretation, made so much sense. This helped me immensely with the course of action I needed to take and pushed me on to change my sitaution. Fi has a real skill and intuition, which when used like this in combination with her drawings, are very powerful. Thank you Fi!
Lisa Craig, England

Wow, gulp... yes I believe you are right on!
C Loewen, Canada