These are just a few testimonials from some of the people who have come to my classes.

Some are patients at The Fountain Centre in The Royal Surrey Hospital and some are not.

My classes are for everyone.

When Fiona first asked me if I wanted to do one of her workshops I didn´t hesitate, and I am glad I didn´t. I have just finished my second course because, for me, her workshops are a wonderful therapeutic experience, so much so that I am eagerly awaiting the next one! I found after meditation that I was taken on a personal journey of surrender to feelings and emotions that would express themselves through art. With no rules or influences from any other source than my own, plus a bit of guidance and encouragement from Fiona, I felt the my inner confidence grow enough to allow the liberating freedom of play and, from that, came the calm, yet exciting, sense of achieving something I had let lie buried in me for years. I would urge anyone to give her courses a try.

Brenda Jenner

I can highly recommend Fi´s 6 week course of combined art and meditation, speaking from personal experience. I have now completed several ( last count 6 or 7 courses) and don´t intend to stop there! The course offers so much more than relaxation and painting, like a chance to stop and reflect on yourself, your lifestyle, dreams and tune in to your spirit. I found myself on Fi´s course as I had hit a turbulent part of my life and wanted to change certain patterns of behaviour, in addition to taking time out for myself. I have loved everything it has to offer and have found myself growing as a person, making positive changes and enjoying the creative side of me again. Fi is great at what she does, so welcoming, so inspirational and I have learnt so much from her during these courses. The Inspired Art courses have been an integral part in my personal journey the past few years, amongst other things, and I will keep going back for more!

Lisa Craig

Fiona´s vibrant, energetic and unique artwork had an immediate impact on me, though each piece was varied they had a spiritual quality and I felt they touched my heart. I was excited but a little apprehensive when I enrolled on Fiona´s course - having no real idea what it involved. I need not have worried - Fiona´s warmth and welcome put me at ease immediately. Following a guided meditation and continuing in a semi-meditative state the process of being creative was spontaneous and flowed from within myself. There really was a sense of connection and amazement at the results! The course was inspiring and liberating. I enjoyed it so much and look forward to sharing the experience again in the future.

J. Thompson

...Other Comments

"Great day, creative and calming. Would recommend it to any one with a busy life style"

"The course is incredibly useful for focusing and channelling restless creative energy"

"Very enjoyable workshop with some inspiring ideas for those of us who do nothing creative during our working day"

"A day to play, let go and get your creativity flowing"

"This course was exceptional, uplifting and all from the heart"

"What a brilliant day! I've unlocked creativity I didn't know I had"

"A nice day - relaxed and fun"